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Ours is an area of exquisite natural beauty – miles of white, sugar sand beaches, crystal clear waters and towering forests. Located at the western end of the Florida panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico, we are convenient by car from most southeastern metropolitan areas.

Northwest Florida is one of the less traveled areas of Florida, but it is immensely popular with the millions of tourists who choose a slower pace for their vacation getaways. That slower pace is actually a way of life here. While the rest of Florida sits squarely in the eastern time zone, here on the Emerald Coast we’re an hour behind (in the central time zone).

Our way of life here is as pleasant as our surroundings. There are no large metropolitan areas nearby, and our towns are places where neighbors know and look out for each other. And, even without the big city lights, there are plenty of things to do and places to see.

Outdoor living is a given on the Emerald Coast, and much of the outdoor activity revolves around the water. Other areas of Florida may boast great beaches, but those who have walked our soft white sands have already discovered why area beaches have been named the best beaches in  the continental United States!

Of course, if you’d rather live your life on a golf course, there are hundreds of holes of golf here, just waiting to be played!

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