The 5 Habits of Highly Productive Agents

The 5 Habits of Highly Productive Agents


Have you ever wondered what all highly productive agents have in common?  Not just the good or great agents, but the best of the best?

It’s not having multiple sources of leads or a team.  It’s also not having tons of connections or using social media.

Instead, all highly productive agents have the following five habits in common:

Habit #1 – Lead Generation

Highly productive agents make lead generation a habit.  No matter how busy they get with existing clients, they’re always prospecting and marketing for new business.  Because they have a steady stream of leads, they avoid the “boom or bust” cycle that traps most real estate agents.

Habit #2 – Team Building

The habit of team building doesn’t refer to teams in the traditional sense.  Instead, it refers to the “team” of people needed to generate and close deals (lenders, title reps, inspectors, marketers, etc.).

Highly productive agents make a habit of keeping an eye out for talent.  When they find it, they don’t hesitate to add that person to their team.

Habit #3 – Networking

Highly productive agents make a habit of networking with other successful people (both in and out of real estate).  Networking creates opportunities and opportunities lead to business.

Highly productive agents also network with each other.  Beyond the referral opportunities that provides, it also gives the agents the chance to exchange ideas and share best practices.

Habit #4 – Improving

Highly productive agents want to improve.  They want to improve themselves, they want to improve their businesses, and they want to improve their lives.

Interestingly, not all highly productive agents approach improvement the same way.  Some will read or attend classes, some will seek out mentors and coaches, and some will use trial and error.  Regardless of how they approach it, all highly productive agents are in the habit of improving.

Habit #5 – Protecting Their Environment

Highly productive agents know they are influenced by who and what is around them.  If they are surrounded by distractions or negativity, they know they won’t be able to perform their best.  That’s why they are careful about choosing and protecting the environments in which they work and live.



P.S. – What do you think of the habits?  Are there any you would add?